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The rapid diffusion of ICT related technologies, like cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and 5G networks, their application in areas like smart cities, health and manufacturing, as well as the innovation, competitiveness and progress in all disciplines of the ICT sector, make the need for techno-economic analysis of paramount importance. A techno-economic analysis is a vital step that produces all the necessary information on the project design and indicates whether the economy is in the position to absorb its outputs.

Techno-economics engineering is the discipline that aims at covering this gap, by providing a wide range of studies, such as diffusion forecasting, investment valuation, feasibility assessment, cost benefit analysis, decision making, calculations of switching costs, total cost of ownership, CapEx, OpEx , cash flows and risk analysis. In most cases, a techno-economic analysis is performed or supported by suitable software tools. More complex services, such as brokering business models and socio-economic impact studies are also included into the techno-economics concerns.

Techno-economic assessment constitutes a highly crucial part of a project design, not only in the ICT but also in many other areas, such as energy, transportation, health, etc. and constitutes a crucial part of every project that involves investments, especially in the context of the current economic recession.

The present portal constitutes an ambitious effort to concentrate techno-economics engineers from across Europe and over many areas, gather useful information, literature and tools and contribute to the spread of techno-economics across researchers, scholars as well as practitioners and all potential stakeholders. We welcome you to ict-economics as much as we welcome your ideas and contribution.